Saturday, October 13, 2012

Love Is a Psalm

Our love is a Psalm,
Much more than a song.
It is music to God's ears.

Undying love,
Unfailing trust,
To our Father up above.

Our love is a Psalm.
It is poetry,
It is patient, kind.

Our love will shine
Through the darkest of days
I'm so glad that you're mine.

And we are united as one for Him.

Our love, a vocation
It conquers tribulation.
Our love is a Psalm.

I love you dear,
Always and forever.

*Cleaning my husband's desk I found this poem I wrote him for our anniversary this year. Thought I'd post just to keep it on my blog since sometimes we lose papers. ;)

Faithful Mama written 6-16-12

I love you, Mr. Faithful and am so blessed that we have such a great vocation in the marriage covenant. Thanks be to God!!!