Friday, October 25, 2013

On Fire Yet So Tired

Have you ever felt so on fire with something dear to your heart yet so exhausted that you think you may just sleep the rest of your life away? Hmmmm, I don't know if that's even possible but this is how I feel lately. Being 38 weeks pregnant, caring for my three handsome boys, homeschooling and ministry work has started to take its toll on me. 
Yet amidst my tired and achy body I am on fire for Elizabeth Ministry work! If you've followed me, you know I lead this ministry at my parish. It's an amazingly beautiful ministry and I am so grateful to Jesus & Mary for guiding me to it. 
I've had so many spurts of spontaneous brainstorms of what we could do, how we could help parishioners, and what we can do differently to make the ministry really shine. Oh the possibilities!!!
So, while my body makes me rest before labor & delivery, I must keep these brainstorms as a day dream....until next year. ;)
Make it a faithful day!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home Stretch!

So here we are, within the last weeks of pregnancy 4! As of today we are only 20 days till the due date. How fast time flies!!!  Our Lady has been with me these last few months (noticeably so) just like she stayed with Elizabeth for her last trimester before giving birth to John the Baptist. As an Elizabeth Minister, this passage from the gospel of Luke is one of my favorites. I can just image how elated Elizabeth must have been to see her young cousin, and the first to understand how important Mary was as she carried our Savior in her virginal womb...Jesus' first tabernacle!!!

I am so excited to go through labor and experience the awesome miracle that God grants us!!! It is truly a gift and not a right to birth a child. So many don't understand the difference. Life is a precious gift given to each of us by our Heavenly Father! Thank You Christ Jesus for this incredible gift!!!!

So our three Faithful Boys really think this one is a girl. This whole pregnancy they all have said "She" and "Her" and "Sister" hmmmm I wonder if they are right?? We have not found out, same as each one. Mr. Faithful & I adore surprises and what better surprise than the gift of a son or daughter ?!?!!

Boy or girl this time? You decide! (This pic was taken at 35 weeks gestation!!)
Make it a faithful day!!