Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who We Are Defines Us...Who Are You?

In this land of internet waves and seas of profile pics, jumping comments that let us know when Jane has arrived at the grocery store and how far along Allison is in pregnancy, who are we? We can't really (and I mean REALLY) know 300 people, can we?

What happened to face to face conversation in lieu of texting?

What happened to picking up the phone and actually talking?

I try look for the good in everyone...even if they judge me and see no good in me. I have reminded myself that when someone is judging me but never calls or talks to me, all they know me from are my facebook posts...or other people talking about me. How sinful are we as humans that we could do this to each other? I am at fault with gossip and false witness as well. I try not to, but sometimes that devil is tricky.

'A false witness will perish, but a good listener will testify successfully.' (Proverbs 21:28)

I think this passage is very powerful for all of us...even those that do not feel the same about Christianity can attest how they feel when being talk about by someone who really does not know them.

When we get to REALLY  know each other, we see people in a different light.

"I didn't know how much I had in common with Sue."

"Wow, James is so different than I am, I'd like to learn more about our differences!"

Yet, even sometimes, the people whom we should be closest to are complete strangers! How is this possible? How could that happen? People grow up, live different lives and start families of their own. Sometimes it is hard for us as humans to be outgoing for others in a time where life is passing us by with diaper changes, sleepless nights, teething, soccer games, Sunday Mass, marriage. Sometimes we have to be the person to start. Who are you thinking of while reading this? Pick up the phone and call them; better yet, go over to their home and talk face to face if you can! Xoxo.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Real Feminism

I am a woman.

I was granted the gift of labor pains and birthed three times...thanks be to God!
I have noticed the everyday miracles...God exists in everything!

I am a woman.

I cry at simplistic things...I am blessed at times to see through Christ's eyes!
I learn more every day...thank You, Jesus, for humbling me!

I am a woman.

I love my children and know they teach me...God works through my children.
I love my husband and will always support him in all he does...God called us to the vocation of marriage, a sacred sacrament we will never give up on; thanks be to God for being the center of our union!

I am a woman.

I support other women and friends with their decisions...thank you, Blessed Mother Mary and Elizabeth, for modeling what women need to do to create a community of supporters!
I create friendships in places I never expect...thank You, Jesus, for keeping me on a better path to know You!!

I am a woman.

I have a choice...I choose life for ALL people, born and unborn alike...thank You, Heavenly Father, for showing me Your way to life!
I plan to be a doula and lactation specialist...thank You God for helping me empower women to have their perfect birth!

I am a WIFE, I am a MOTHER, I am a FRIEND, I am an AUNT, I am a SISTER, I am a DAUGHTER, I am a MINISTER, I am a LEADER.


Thursday, March 8, 2012


Quiet now
Not another peep!

For all my babes
Are fast asleep.

Sand man's come
And drowsed their eyes.

Dreams of happiness;
And purple skies.

Hush now please,
For they cannot wake.

Oh how I love them
Makes my heart ache!

To see their sleeping,
Angelic faces,

Dear Lord, I do thank thee
For granting me these graces.

Written by Faithful Mama 3-7-12

Monday, March 5, 2012

Stuck in a Rut

Yep, that's me...I am stuck. Two weeks ago I was on fire with the Holy Spirit! Now I feel as though I am clawing at the side of a cliff trying to hang on.

I somehow, selfishly, have tried to grab the reigns from my Father's Hands. I don't even know how to drive on my own.

Every minute of every day I have to remember that I am never in control. If I have an inkling of negativity, what I SHOULD do is silently ask Jesus for help. What I NEED to do is offer those icky feelings so that I can be at peace with any given situation.

Why am I not doing this?

It seems so easy written down on paper.

What is wrong with me?

Do you feel this way too???

As I humble myself, as I lose my pride with recognizing my selfishness, my true original sinful behavior, I realize that this is my cross to bear during this Lenten season. As Jesus was in the desert, my 40 days is learning more about my place in this world as a Catholic woman and as a spiritual warrior.

I must take each day as it comes. Each valuable lesson my children can teach me, I must open my eyes to and see what Jesus sees. I have been looking with eyes of the flesh and this is why I have been so negative lately!


Two weeks ago during Sunday mass, I had knelt down for prayers after receiving the Eucharist. All of a sudden, I just wanted to cry for no reason at all...I opened my eyes and I just looked around at all my brothers and sisters in Christ. I was seeing them through Jesus' eyes!!

I cannot explain to those who have never felt this. I was filled with the Holy Spirit!!!

I know God wanted me to see with unconditional love to all my family (in this instance it just so happened to be my Catholic community). It was a wonderful feeling!!

Now I understand why He wanted me to experience that!

He needs me to be the woman I am meant to be.

All I needed was to sit and explain my experiences to you, dear Faithful Ones! THANK YOU!!!!!

What does God expect of you?

Are you at the side of a cliff barely hanging on or are you standing on top of it?

I share my experiences with you in hopes that you will reflect on your own personal intimacy with Christ. Everyone has a calling, a vocation. Everyone is called to do something great. All we have to do is be open and listen. Xoxo.