Friday, April 29, 2016

Faithful Family Adventures

Want to get a glimpse into our life? I want to tell a tale of timing, a story of surrender, a ballad of belief, a history of hope.

It all unfolded with a simple prayer between my husband and me. Advent had begun and Mr. Faithful and I wanted to create a deeper intimacy with each other after a time of spiritual dryness in our home. We started reading our friend's first published book, Couples Advent Devotional and the proverbial veil was lifted.

Each prayer gave us more clarity. It was time to move. For many years, we both had been called to "move" but over these years the Holy Spirit had been guiding us to move spiritually, individually, within our vocation of marriage, to move with homeschooling in different ways...I could go on. God has been calling us to move in many different ways. But December 2015, He had called us to move out of our home.

Unfortunately, we had to discuss how to get out of our home financially. After research and discussions with a realtor and our lender, we had to begin the short sale process. This was humbling for us both, but we felt a supernatural peace that we know God graced us with. We prayed for discernment multiple times a day. We have remained in this prayerful state and know this is God's will for our family.

Full trust in the Lord is so very important. We remain faithful and devoted to Jesus Christ.

Last year, my parents relocated to South Carolina. We decided we needed to relocate ourselves. God wants us out of Illinois, and we want out as well! However, we wanted to be sure this was God's will and not just our own selfish desire to be close to my parents and other family.

We have devoted time to pray individually and together daily throughout this whole process. It has been a whirlwind of a few months, but as the new year has created new beginnings for us, we realize that God has been preparing us for this move longer than we had known.

To hear God, you must truly listen and not be distracted!

Looking back, I am certain our Heavenly Father had been trying to tell us to move for a while. My Faithful Family was so busy that we became distracted with our schedule to actually sit and listen like good little children.

Sometimes, God has to slap us down in order to really get us to hear Him.

My family had something happening every single day. If we were at home, I was busy with at least one ministry or volunteer position or my new Usborne business. Mr. Faithful and I would be two ships passing each evening. Our family was being pulled apart with all the work we thought was good for us.

Then, illness came. Five out of the six of us were diagnosed with pneumonia in November. We had to cancel every single event. We missed many appointments and stayed home just being with each other. Pondering on this time now, it was the perfect way God could reach us to let us know it was truly time to move. The devil is tricky. He gets the good faithful ones by keeping us distracted and busy with work we think we need to do in order to be good Christians. You can read more of my thoughts on this here.

In this short time since December, not only has our life been turned around, but my sister and her husband has too! Within a month and a half, they both were offered jobs in Colorado, accepted, put their home up for sale, sold within 48 hours, and relocated! God is calling my family out of Illinois for a reason, I truly believe this. God's will be done for my whole Faithful Family!

We have everything underway to move in two weeks. In that short time, we will be relocating and living with my parents until we find our next home...which we know will be a farm. After all this praying, and many signs over the past few years, through the intercession of MANY saints, we are called to be as self-sustaining as possible. We are meant to farm!

So, if you'd like to see our new adventure unfold as we search for our Faithful Family Farm, stay tuned.....God's will be done!