Friday, December 23, 2011

My Favorite Sister

I have one sister. She is my favorite sister! I am so blessed to have her in my life! The other day, she got free tickets to the local zoo, so she took the Faithful Boys and me and we had a blast! It was all decorated for Christmas, the animals were still out, and as we walked we were serenaded with Christmas music! It was a great time and it gave Faithful Sister and me time to just talk and be with each other. We needed that!

I am very grateful that my family is open with communication. My sister and I are pretty different in areas of our lives. Even still, I feel that she is one of my best friends. What a blessing to have a sister who is a best friend! We love each other, we respect each other, and we have the benefit of being family! No greater friendship than that of sisterhood.

My parents raised us to be respectful, have sympathy and empathy, and to walk in the way of God. I think they did a pretty good job, considering my brother and I are 19 months apart, and I was not even 3 when my sister was born! Great job Faithful Parents!! :)

I found this poem that I wrote a while ago...and not even sure if Faithful Sister has ever read it, but I share with you all now.

My sister's my hero
She is so, you see,
For she is the person
I strive so to be!
Empathy, understanding,
And her caring way;
I wish I could walk
In her shoes for a day!

Do you have siblings? Do you keep in close contact with them? Look past your differences and see your family, find love, shelter and God. I am blessed to be able to call her and if I have a problem I can talk to her about it, and I know she won't judge me. She is an awesome woman, and she is my sister! Xoxo


  1. I have a big sister who is 10 years older than me. Growing up she was more like my second "cooler" mom. Now that I am married and have kids, we are so close! I've loved each season of our sisterhood and friendship, but I love where we are right now. We are finally equals as she asks for advice from me now, too! Yes, sisters are quite special!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey favorite sis!! This is so beautiful! I love your poem- I have never read it and didn't know you ever wrote it about me. I never knew this is how you felt :) I love you so much and admire you for who you are today! I learn so much from you everyday :) love you and couldn't imagine my life with you. Oh, how do you like my username? Lol LOVE YOU!!!

  3. I love your user name ha ha!!! I love you too sis...I think it's awesome we can learn from each other so well! I'm blessed to have you in my life and so close (in proximity as well as mentally!!)