Sunday, December 4, 2011

Velvet Skin

Precious baby
On my chest.
This is a moment
I love best.
A warm soft body
Against my own.
My God, what a blessing
You have shown!
One day I hope
The world will see
Babies are blessings
From God's creativity!


  1. You have a very serious talent here hun, I hope you are planning to publish a book with all these in, I for one would be interested in purchasing it and publicizing it too! Very well written, such a strong meaning and awesome!! :D

  2. Thank you!! My husband (Mr. Faithful) says all the time I need to start writing a book. I want to keep it simple with this blog first, see how it goes and maybe in time God will guide me in that direction! I was wearing my Faithful Boy when I wrote this poem - just thought I'd throw that out there hee hee! ;)