Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Adventures in Homeschooling: Are We Prepared?

We are T minus 5 days before our very first official day of kindergarten!
Are we ready? Am I ready?!?!

I think so. We decided to enroll oldest Faithful Boy (5.5 years old) into Seton Home Study, a Catholic kindergarten curriculum.

I've been reading and preparing his lessons and am LOVING the choice we made.
I know Mr. Faithful & I have been filled with the Holy Spirit; we chose to follow God's will for our family.

First page of the paperwork just happened to be about the life of St. Therese of Lisieux. If you have never read my blog, this woman is my patron saint. 

I knew then that she helped us choose the perfect curriculum for our Faithful Family!!
The more I read the more at peace I am. No matter what kind of looks I get when I say, "He is in kindergarten, we homeschool." No matter how many people ask, "How is this going to work with the other two when you try to teach him?" 

I have TOTAL trust in my Heavenly Father that we will be successful this first year of homeschool.
Faithful Boys and I decided the name for our school is LITTLE WAYS ACADEMY; our school's patron saint is The Littleflower, St. Therese of Liseiux. Ironically her feast day is October 1st, which will be our very first day of school. 


We are on the right path to Christ, and Mr. Faithful and I feel we are raising our boys exactly how Jesus wants, to draw all of us closer to God. 

Share your school stories, inform others there IS a choice in schools for your children. Stand up for real choice!! But, most importantly, FOLLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT!!! 

If you would have told me I'd be a homeschool mom just two years ago I'd have laughed in your face and told you you're crazy. Homeschool families are weirdos who's kids aren't well socialized. How can anyone learn anything outside a real classroom? 

*chuckling at my old ignorant self*

With God ANYTHING is possible. Without Him, nothing.

If you or someone you know are contemplating alternative schooling, please do your research. If you have that small voice or feeling inside you, that is God. Please heed His calling for you and your family. 

In Christ, Faithful Mama xoxo

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