Saturday, August 18, 2012

Modern Day Crucifixion

Our faith is being tested. Satan and his evil army are simply able to twist and turn around easy targets and rip souls apart, hurt feelings, and separate Christians with a snap of their fingers (or with their pride, jealousy, or any other sin).

So many poor souls lost. Some have no idea they are.

I know that some people that read this do not share my beliefs...but you know what? That's OK! 

I am Faithful Mama. I am a devout Roman Catholic. You may be Baptist, Muslim, Non denominational, Mormon, agnostic, etc. For me...I was baptized as an infant into the Catholic Church. I was raised in the faith as my parents (thanks be to God) provided the spiritual nourishment to give me the strong roots I have today. I did fall away as I had my doubts (I call them my "dark ages"). I was called back home as I search for answers.

I know now that I am exactly where I need to be. Catholic Church is home on this earth.

But, who am I to say it's your home? 

I am no one.
You are better than me.

I know my faults. I am a sinner. However, through Reconciliation, I am forgiven by Christ Himself! (for scripture of this sacrament please read 2 Cor 5:11-21; John 20:19-23; Luke 10:13-16). I don't need to prove myself to anyone but Him. He is what matters most!

All the sacraments are a beautiful gift from God, yet so many quickly dismiss them.

Catholicism is my home!

May not be for you. Where has the Holy Spirit led you? Ask yourself. It's nice to assist others in their journey, but there is a fine line so do be careful how you tread on it. The devil is tricky and we all need to keep our focus on Jesus Christ; be aware of present evil in the most unsuspecting places. There are times when the Holy Spirit will use you as His instrument (what an honor!!) and when that happens, it's absolutely beautiful!!

I would never push my beliefs on anyone. I only share what I learn. Take it how you will. If you get offended, maybe you need to reevaluate your own beliefs.

I love learning of others' faith. I think it's remarkable that many of us are similar in how we treat others, yet, different beliefs. I feel like that is proof that our Heavenly Father has our goal in this world written on our hearts. God loves all His creations even if we deny Him. God wants all of us to be with Him. Some will never accept Him. So unfortunate for them; they have no idea what joy they are missing!!

Jesus has told us to love our enemies (Luke 6:27-36) and also not to judge others (Luke 6:37-42). 

I love everyone, even those that crucify me.

I try to be the best Christian I can be for my God.

That's all anyone of us can do, right?

If you have any questions about the Catholic faith, our beliefs, or why we do believe in what we do, please check out these sites before you assume you know:

Many have rallied against Catholicism. Most of those anti Catholics have no idea what we are all about. Sadly, some are fallen Catholics whom have been misguided and taught incorrectly. 

Peace in Catholicism. Peace in Christ!

Have a faithful day!!


  1. Thinking of you and looking forward to reading more of your encouragement and inspiration!

  2. Thank you Leann! I have an amazing post I need/want to publish, but I'm not yet ready to share with the world. I'm waiting for the Holy Spirit to tell me it's time. :)