Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Top Priorities

Wow it's been a while since I've written! Paper and pen, my how I've missed you!

The Faithful Family has been on a path to enlightenment; a journey to gaining wisdom; a road that's more clearly paved for our walk home.

The Holy Spirit is hard at work through us.

I've learned more about the mystery of our faith; Faithful Children have gained their own intimacies with Christ; Mr. Faithful is on his own personal journey to what I feel is a new birth in Jesus Christ. We are praying more as a family (and we thought we prayed a lot before!) we sit down and bless one another with Holy Water, we are learning more of sacramentals, we are raising our little men to be strong warriors for our God. It is a wonderful journey, yet difficult at times.

When we are so filled with love and faith for Christ, the evil one wants to tear us down even more so.

We've had plenty of obstacles over the last couple months. We trust in Jesus and show more devotion to Him at those difficult times. We will pick up our rosaries and pray.

It's easy to be apathetic. It's easy to just get by without thinking of God, praying for others, living a secular life. It's easy to point fingers at others for our failings. It's easy to be selfish. The hard part is to let go. The hard part of letting go of all the stress is realizing life is not about us. Life is about love. Love for Christ.

Love always. Pray constantly. Live for God and no one else.

Make your day a faithful one.

Peace in Christ.

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