Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Beacon of Light

Off in the distance
I see such a light;
It's raining, pouring
With no end in sight.

The darkness
It swallows
Some people up whole.
Follow the glow.

Follow that glow!
That shimmering light.
It may seem sometimes
As no end in sight.

But be as it may
The path we each choose,
With Christ as our Savior,
We have nothing to lose.

The Beacon of Light -
The reason we breathe!
Give up the dark
To Jesus, bequeath!

For our futures,
No one will know
But right now,
These seeds we shall sow...

To raise up our children
Good and righteous
Show them that Beacon
Have them follow the brightness!

Faithful Mama 2012
Dedicated to the courageous children and their parents in Newtown, CT. I read a story of a 1st grader who protected his peers, guided them to safety, then was murdered. These beautiful babies are now in the arms of Jesus. What a tragedy it was but they now are all in Paradise. I grieve right along with these parents, grandparents and other family who've lost a loved one from tragedy. My prayers are with you all as a mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, friend and minister. Xoxo

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