Monday, July 1, 2013

Living Grace

Boy it's been a very long time since my last post! I slipped away from blogging and became consumed with the craziness of everyday life. Diving deeper into my faith and intimacy with my lover, Jesus Christ; becoming more of a trinity with my earthly lover, Mr. Faithful, and our Savior; homeschooling, quitting my job as a swim instructor, getting more active at my parish and lastly, becoming pregnant with baby # 4!

First and foremost, what a fabulous gift we've been given!! My husband and I are so blessed to introduce yet another miracle into this world!! We have fully accepted God's will for our marriage and family. Jesus, we trust in You!! Our newest addition will be born into this world sometime mid November!

Our first year of homeschooling was a HUGE success!! My son passed kindergarten with flying colors and I couldn't be more proud of him!! We have decided as a family that we will continue next school year, so we will have a 1st grader and a kindergartner here at home attending Little Ways Academy. Mr. Faithful and I are excited to attend our very first homeschool conference this summer.

Mr. Faithful and I have become more intimate with our prayer life. Wow how amazing it is to share an intimacy with my husband and share this with Jesus Christ! We are truly honoring our blessed sacrament of marriage and are always trying to fulfill our promise to God within our marriage. This is real marriage, this is what God has intended for us! Praise You God!!! We recently celebrated our 7th anniversary and couldn't be more joy filled in this life God's granted us together!

Along with our shared intimacy within our home, we both have become even more active in our parish. We absolutely feel driven to serve the Catholic Church and love our family there!

It's amazing how different life can be once you fully accept Jesus into your life. The trials and tribulations, the anxiety and stress all seem to fade once you set your eyes on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If only some of my family and friends knew what they are missing!!! Sure the obstacles are still there, the lack of finances and the bills, the screaming kids and frustrations, they're all still there...but they just don't seem as detrimental or stress filled as before. All I say when I'm feeling overwhelmed is, "Jesus, I trust in You." or I say a Hail Mary and ask her to place her patient heart in me. It truly works!!

I'm happy to live gracefully and joy filled in Jesus & Mary's loving arms so that my children will have nice thick and strong Catholic roots. I pray everyday that the Holy Spirit lead them, Mary holds their precious hands to guide them to her Son and that they each discover their vocations and follow that path!!

Make your life a faithful one!!

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