Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Life Don't Just Live

We all die a little more each day;
So let us learn to laugh more and play.
Run in the fields with no shoes on!
Laugh with the kids more,
For their life's just begun.
Instead of thinking of what needs to be done,
Remember life's short.
Remember to have FUN!
Everyone has a job to do,
But leave work at work
And you'll be renewed!

You'll soon see what you need is right there...
In your heart.

Money is needed to pay your way.
Laughter is really needed each and every day.
To love is divine 
And soon we will see
That love is all we ever really need.

Faithful Mama 2-12-12

*I woke up with this poem in my head at 6am this morning and couldn't do anything till I wrote it down! Thank You Heavenly Father for giving this poem to me to share with others!!*

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