Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Time, Place, Event or Person - Do You Know You Are Called?

I attended my very first Mission over these last three days. It was AMAZING! This man, Fr. Tom, was phenomenal and drew in 700 people to our church. That means that many people WILLINGLY went to church to attend something other than Sunday mass!!!

We discussed the seven sacraments...
Anointing of the Sick

Do you know when you are being called to do something great? Maybe it's a feeling you're getting, a person continues to bug you about something, or you actually hear a voice in your head? God is calling me now, and He used that priest at the Mission. So many parts of the Catholic faith are misunderstood. There are stereotypes and prejudices that hinder even our own Catholics to truly be submerged in their faith!! I find this disturbing. If only we all open our minds to heavenly ways!

I've posted this picture before. Those of you who've been reading my blogs probably remember this. I took this picture at a place in Iowa called the Grotto. It's a fabulous place and unbelievably built by human pair of human hands. A priest, Father Dobberstein, was called by God to build it. He listened and it is utterly amazing. Here is the link if you choose to check it out: Any way, we are going to play can you find what's in this picture. Do you see Jesus anywhere in this picture? And I do not mean a statue. Really search for Him. He may be calling you.

This picture above is my oldest Faithful Boy taken last May. This was the day of my Grandmother's funeral that I could not attend. I decided to make that day a day of prayer, meditation and reflection in her honor. I took my Faithful Boys outside and they wanted to use the sidewalk chalk in the garage. My Faithful Boy, right before this was taken, tells me, "Mommy, I drew Gramma GG for you!" What do you see? I see that my son drew an angel. This tells me not only that my Grandmother is an angel in heaven, but also that my son, at four years old, listened to God and did what he knew he needed to do. I could not be more proud of my children, and this day will forever be a smile on my heart.

How does God call you? Are you listening? We all need to listen more. Maybe we need to be silent more and just listen. We sometimes forget that listening is more important than talking. I know I am bad with this. I am learning. We are always learning. As I get older I try to humble myself, I try to become more patient. 

When you read my stories, think of your own life. When have you had signs? Have you listened and followed, or ignored? What was that outcome? If we listen and follow, God will always provide. If we ignore, we may still eventually get to where we need to be...but it may be a rocky road to get there. I choose to follow God and His calling for me. How about you?


  1. This was quite timely for me as I feel I've been called by God in a few ways myself recently. I think you'll see some changes on my own blog that reflect what I'm being called to do!

  2. I love how God works!! I'm happy to be a part of your journey Leanne and blessed that you are a part of mine!!!