Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Phone Only Challenge (Part 2)

For those of you who read my last blog, you know we went without all electronics aside from radio and phone *no text/apps/games on the phone* Many would think this is extreme parenting. We feel we made the right decision and with the silence in the home, prayer, and the Holy Spirit guiding Mr. Faithful and me as parents, we created the new rules of our home.

New Faithful Family Rules 

No video games Monday - Thursday. *exception during car rides*
  •  Point chart implemented - Each Faithful Child gets 15 minutes Monday morning. For each good deed or chore he does he receives a minute. For each not so nice thing (ie hitting, not listening, ect.) he gets a minute taken away. On Friday morning each will have a total number of minutes from the week. Both will be allowed to play video games/computer games for the allotted time at appropriate intervals throughout the day depending on the number of minutes.
No Facebook for Mom & Dad Monday - Thursday. 
  • Friday we will allow ourselves no more than 15 minutes of computer time while the kids are asleep (nap time or bedtime). Facebook has become too much of a problem for me personally. I want to help every person that writes something negative about their situation and it is consuming. To the point where I need to cut ties. Mr. Faithful is willing to participate in this rule for me *thanks honey!!*
Television time restricted 
  • We, as of late, have been keeping the tv on even if we are not watching it. This creates so much unnecessary noise. Tv will be restricted to one movie (or two tv shows) in the am and the same in the pm. The less the better!
Saturday & Sunday Electronic Time Rules 
  • 20 minutes of video games/computer time (both kids and parents) during the day.
These new guidelines we have created may sound drastic to some or still too much electronic time to others. But this seems to work for us. This past week has been a lot less stressful during the times we have kept the television and video games off. We have even created a new corner in our living room...

This is our new Prayer Corner. The Faithful Boys and I decided that we need more prayer time (who doesn't, right?!). We have had our Lady the Sacred Heart on top of the book shelf in this room *afraid the boys would break her!!* but something came over me and I felt the kids need to actually see it. We will add to this in time, but for now we have our rosaries, prayer books, a candle and statues of Mary, the Child Jesus, and St. Francis of Assisi there to help us offer prayers to our Heavenly Father. 

We are doing this for our boys...and each other. Our family is everything to us and we do this for them.
 There is a fine line between using technology for good and being consumed with it. Our family has an addiction. Our family, together only with God at the center, will overcome and become stronger without so much outside noise. With silence we can hear each other better. With silence we can listen to our true callings better. I thank our Heavenly Father for filling my husband and me with His Holy Spirit to guide us to be better parents for our Faithful Boys.

It all started with us falling in love because of God. We heed His call and He always provides. If there is something in your life you feel needs to change...go for it! With God, all is possible! Xoxo.


  1. That prayer corner,so cute, what a wonderful gift to give your faithful boys, and to all your family!

    Happy Valentine's Day

  2. Thank you Patricia!! We're enjoying it very much!! :)