Wednesday, November 16, 2011

God Works Through Children

I love this title. It can be taken in so many ways!

I am a "cradle" Catholic. That means my parents baptized me as an infant and raised me up with the Catholic religion and a great foundation. We went to every Sunday morning mass. We went to Catholic grade school. I was an alter server and trained other children to serve during the mass as well. I am so grateful for this now as an adult with a family of my own.

By the time I was a freshman in high school, I felt like I was done being Catholic. I felt like it wasn't cool to be religious. I felt like I needed to be like everyone else. I'm ashamed of feeling that way now as an adult looking back, but this was the former me. I was an infant in my faith.

As I've told you in former blog posts, I went through my dark ages...high school and a few years beyond that even. It was a long time in the dark. A long time I let evil, hatred, and human selfishness cloud what is so important to see and feel in this life. I was mean, careless, selfish and I didn't even realize it at that time! I still believed in God, but had so many questions that I just couldn't hear the answers to. I wanted to hear these answers from God Himself. I wasn't looking in the right places and I wasn't asking the right questions.

As time went on, and I got older, I disassociated myself from most of the people that were my poison. People can be toxic, and if you associate with toxic people all of the time, that becomes your world. It's a toxicity level in your body that seeps out of your pores and spreads to others. It's so important to remove yourself from the sadness. From loneliness. From evil. I finally started learning this when I turned 21. By the end of my 21st year of life, I know God started shooing me onto the path that was leading me to where I am today. But yet, even still, back then I was still a baby in my spiritual life.

Fast forward a bit, after my wedding and birthing two of my three children, back in 2009, was a point in time that I had yet again had a restored faith in Christ. I am a SAHM (stay at home mom). My husband works long hours to support us and for that I am so grateful! God is helping him, because I know Mr. Faithful couldn't do what he does without his intimacy with Christ. Anyway, back in 2009 was a very low point in time for us financially. Faithful Baby 2 was about 6 months old and we were barely getting by shut off notice to shut off notice. We had no money for food. We lost a car due to no money to make payments on. I started losing faith that God would get us through. One day during that summer, I went to the grocery store with Faithful Baby 2 and realized I didn't have the money to pay for the groceries. I was frantic and not to mention embarrassed. I was going through picking and choosing what she could take off my order. It was terrible. I started to cry as there was barely food there to begin with! Just as I was going to have her wipe out most of the food for our week, the couple behind me stopped the cashier. They purchased all of my groceries for me! WOW I was amazed and humbled by this incident. I hugged both of them so hard and realized that they were sent by God to show me He is still with me!! They walked out with me and we chatted a bit about our financial problems. As the husband put my groceries in my van, they prayed with me and asked God to help me through this low point in time. They prayed that I'd have renewed faith in Jesus Christ. It was amazing. I will never forget those people. That was my 2nd run in with feeling the power of the Holy Spirit at work. What an awesome feeling of unconditional love that even a million mothers couldn't replicate with their children. This kind of love is like no other and I've been very blessed to have felt it!

Since then, Mr. Faithful and I try to pay it forward. We still don't have money. That part doesn't matter to us. We pay it forward in other ways that God grants us. We heed His calling for us as a Catholic married couple, as parents raising three males in hopes they will be strong in their own Catholic faith and beliefs, and as individuals with such a love for Christ that we can get through even the darkest of times together.

Even still, at this point in our lives, we are still children. We are all children of God, no matter how old we are in this earthly life. We are all children. And God works through children. Xoxo.

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