Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marrital Bliss?

Everything happens for a reason.

I firmly believe that. My husband, let's call him Mr. Faithful, and I are going through some hard times. It's not about something we can blame or pinpoint. We are just at a low in our marriage right now. This year has been very hard. We were pregnant. Last December we were all in a major car accident which was very traumatic (I was pregnant and our other boys were 4 and 2). Mr. Faithful had major health problems he is still battling now. Kids are crazy at times, so we get stressed, which makes them even more crazy....such a vicious cycle. We don't have dates as often as society says we should. Last one I think we saw Wolverine in the theater (if that tells you how long it's been lol!). He works mostly 12 hour days and he works 6 days a week, sometimes 7 depending on if there's more work. It is tough not having him here at home sometimes. The boys miss him. I miss him. Until last week, I'd become angry at him. We found out he has another medical issue (I am not going to dive into all these issues...I'll need to write a book about all of those lol!!!). And I am just so fed up! It's one thing after another with his body!! And instead of being a good wife, I became distant, resistant and mad.
I talked to my very good spiritual friend about this. I couldn't explain why that every time I saw him I got angry. I love my husband!! We plan to grow into our 90's together (maybe even 100's!). Why was I so angry at him for something he can't control? Plain and simple, yet so many marriages fail because of....the devil. We are a very wholesome couple now...never really used to be very God oriented until these last 5 years. We pray together, we go to church just about every week, we talk, we respect each other, but most importantly, we have God direct our marriage. That sneaky devil tried luring me away from my husband! After my dear friend explained this to me, I realized it had to be. So I made sure I prayed about it, asked God to make me strong. Those negative feelings just melted away. It's been a week now since that happened and I feel GREAT!!
Mr. Faithful and I still have yet to have a date night, but we are inching up the figurative mountain peak holding hands and going strong! Gotta keep trucking. Marriage is hard work. I don't care what anyone says, sometimes it's tough...but you either get through the hard times together, or alone. I'd rather be with him...he's too important to me to give up.

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