Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Perfect Birth

I love being pregnant. I love the feeling of God's creation inside of me. So perfect in every way! I have been blessed three times with this feeling! I've only been blessed with one perfect (for me) birth. I want to share my story with you...

It was January 2009. Bitter cold. It was in fact the coldest day on record for that winter. It was so cold our pipes started to freeze and Mr. Faithful had someone from our city come and help him stop it! I thought my water broke at this same time. Luckily I was wrong about that, but I knew something was going to happen soon! We went to the hospital thinking the bags broke. The nurse checked me and said I was dilated to 2; I was contracting slightly. So we asked if we could stay to try to get me into labor. Our oldest Baby Faithful was with my Faithful Parents, why not right?! So they said if I made good progress within an hour I could stay. I decided to. I walked those halls with Mr. Faithful like a marathoner who was determined to win first place! An hour passed. I was checked again and I dilated to 4! So there I stayed. I continued to power walk the halls of that beautiful hospital. Pictures of newborns filled the halls as I anxiously awaited for the labor pains I so patiently wanted to feel for the second time in my life. The contractions were coming and I'd walk right through them. A few hours passed and it started getting harder to walk through them. So we decided to go back to our room. This time was so intimate with my husband! I'm so glad we decided to stay at the hospital that time. We would have had our son with us, or other family, and we couldn't have had the long walks and talks like we did that night. It was wonderful even in the hospital setting!

My nurse was AWESOME. Her name was Jackie and I will never forget her. She made my labor as natural as she could by not getting involved except when we asked her. She was in the room a little bit, just marveling at how we performed our labor ritual. She would help me into the shower; she would help my husband by getting him a cup of water or apple juice when he needed it. And she praised us for the great job we were both doing. She only put me on the monitors about twice the whole time I was there...and I was ok with that!

Time went on and I was in the zone! I felt no pains at one point in time. I was totally into letting my body do it's job. It was GREAT!! I guess at that time was when they thought I was hyperventilating...so I was given oxygen. This part totally through off my zen. I started feeling the pains of contracting. But that was ok through. With this great pain comes a tiny creature that my husband and I were allowed to have as a gift from God to symbolize our love and devotion to Christ and each other! I'll happily feel the pain of childbirth for this!!
I was probably dilated to 7 when I was given the oxygen. The nurse checked me and accidentally broke the bulging water bags. As soon as my water broke it was unstoppable...or should I say HE was unstoppable!! My body and my baby did all the work that morning. After my water broke he was out within the hour. I did not push to get my baby out. I let my body do all the work. In fact I was trying to stop it from happening since my doctor was in one of the sleep rooms! He decided to go to a hockey game and came straight from the arena at like 1am. He started falling asleep in my room on the floor and decided to get a little shut eye in the room for doctors and nurses ha ha!!! I still find that funny to this day. I love my doctor, he's more like a midwife!

His cord was wrapped around his neck twice. My doctor told me not to push...I wasn't pushing!! He slid right out. Thanks be to God he was ok! Our Faithful Baby 2 was born!! It truly was a beautiful birth. He was placed on my chest and we started our breastfeeding, skin to skin contact, and euphoria. Our nurse, again, praised us both for doing such a great job! It was her first time witnessing a natural childbirth in her career at the hospital! 

You never forget your birth stories. I'm glad I have such a great one to share with you. Maybe I will be blessed with another to have one more beautiful birth story to spread? Only God knows!


  1. What a wonderful exciting story of you and your son number 2.

    I remember feeling as if I was wanting for Christmas to open presents, that is how excited I was for my babies.

    Enjoy your new little one, hug all your "old" ones and remember to pray for all mommies; there is nothing more rewarding and weary as motherhood, God bless us all!

  2. That's how I felt too..even better than Christmas!! Thank you Patty, God has blessed all of us Mommies and we need to support one another! Many prayers to all mothers of the world!! Xoxo