Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shared Love

Mr. Faithful and I have been together for 9 years. We've been married for 5. We love each other dearly and feel that God brought us together to be a strong symbol of what a Christian marriage is. Since about 2009 we've accepted that role seriously. So yes, we are still infants in our journey!

We have a few we look up to for guidance. My grandparents are one of those couples. Married for 63 years, 7 children and 1 stillbirth, and many grand and great grand children, they are the epitome of a sacred marriage. They allowed the Holy Spirit to guide them...whether it was to pick up and move across country, or to volunteer their time at their local church. They heeded Christ's calling for them as a Catholic married couple. And my parents follow in their footsteps as well. We are blessed to have the guidance of two strong couples from my side of the family!

Like I said in the previous post, my grandma was called back home last May. She died the morning after she turned 83. I believe that because she led such a faithful life, a life that may have seemed odd to most human eyes, our Lord let her die like a saint. I will now share with you such a beautiful and poetic death...

At the beginning of April, my Mama Faithful and her sister (Faithful Aunt 2) decided to take a trip to visit their parents for Grandma Faithful's birthday (which was May 25). They booked their flight, and it being cheaper on a Wednesday, they decided to take it on her birthday. Mama Faithful was conflicted in her mind as that day was also my Dadio's birthday. She decided she had to go visit her parents. Things got worse, their flight was delayed. They sat in the airport on that shared birthday. They finally reached their destination at 4am. My grandparents lived with my other aunt, Faithful Aunt 1. When they got there, Grandma Faithful woke up to go to the bathroom. She was weak so she needed help. She had all three of her daughters there to guide her back to bed. As she lay down, she looked up at the three beautiful faces staring down at her and said, "My beautiful girls...I love you!" and went back to sleep.
That morning as the coffee brewed, everyone was catching up while Grandma Faithful slept. Faithful Aunt 1 (who lived with Faithful Grandparents) said casually that she'd check in on Grandma Faithful since she usually didn't sleep that late. She walked away. A moment later Faithful Aunt 1 called to Mama Faithful and Faithful Aunt 2. They walked in. She had died peacefully in her sleep with a smile on her face. Mama Faithful said it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. As she lay there, they weren't very sure she really was dead. Her cheeks were rosy; she looked as though someone had put make up on her beautiful face...although that 4am meeting she looked as though she had none on at all. She wore a gorgeous smile and a scapular. They called 9-1-1 and it was confirmed that she passed away somewhere around 5am. What a beautiful life! Her very last words that we know of were, "My beautiful girls...I love you." She was able to see her daughters all at the same time, which rarely happens. The Holy Spirit guided Mama Faithful and Faithful Aunt 2 to get there only shortly before Grandma Faithful's passing to touch each other one last time on this earth! A poetic life and death.

Now Grandpa Faithful is getting weaker by the day. We've received word that his health is failing and he's becoming confused at things. He is a genius and truly does have a photographic memory. For him to be confused over certain things is not good. It's been six months since his bride's passing. I think he's ready to see her again. I hope and pray that if this is his time to be called up to heaven, our Heavenly Father also grants him the peacefulness He bestowed on Grandma Faithful as well. They lived a long life of servitude, of prayer, of a shared love for Christ and each other. I strive for the same love story in my own marriage.

May God bless you, GG, with endless bliss and unconditional love in Eternity. May God comfort you, Grandpa, and help you to be strong. I love you both!

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