Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new day

Good morning! I'd like to share with you how I try to start every day...
I wake up next to my sweet 4 month old snuggling next to me (yep you heard that right we bed share...have for all 3 of our children and would do it again if we have another!). I kiss his beautiful fuzzy head. I sneak out and put a pillow in my place. I walk out and of course brush my teeth lol! Then, *important part of my day ahead!* I walk out to the kitchen, and as I am getting my coffee ready, I look out the window and say, "Good morning dear Lord! Thank you for another wonderful day! Today I offer my worries and stress to you sweet Jesus, for I know you can carry that for me." Then I really do talk about whatever comes to my mind. I probably sound crazy (who is that woman talking to...there's no one there!) But I know He is listening! Every morning I do this, my days are good! The days I don't, I'm moody, stressed, not pleasant.
So, I ask each of you reading this, try it!! It doesn't matter what time of day...maybe before breakfast? During an afternoon snack? At bedtime? Heck even if you're on the toilet!! Time does not matter, when you get that thought to pray or to talk to God, do it! That's the Holy Spirit calling on you to be holy!! Life seems so much easier with Jesus helping me hold the cross I am carrying. Xoxo


  1. Would love to have that same positive attitude Beth wtg keep rocking the blessed and happy life :)

  2. Thanks Momma2KnK! My hopes in this blog is to get my positive attitude to wear off on others! Hoping my writing makes you smile each day! Xoxo.